Prepared Foods

Country Home Baking

by Ann Koster
Featuring chicken pot pies, meat pastries & dinner rolls; Multi-grain bread or wheat bread with freshly-ground wheat flour; Mini-loaves (apple, banana-blueberry, banana nut, pumpkin, poppyseed); Fruit pies (apple, blueberry, blueberry-peach, cherry, cherry-raspberry, peach, pecan, pumpkin, rhubarb, strawberry, tri-berry); and cream pies (banana, chocolate, coconut, lemon, key lime).

Call for availability and what’s in season 815-973-9856.

Serving Breakfast & Lunch menu every Saturday 8am-Noon from the Market kitchen.

El Hijo
Vendor Email:

LOCAL food distributor of great fruits and vegetables, chips & tortilla!

Great prices weekly so come out and see us!
And we can take special requests each week

Flour tortillas and chips
Fresh fruit and vegetables like limes , mangos, apples, tomatoes , avocados etc
And fresh guacamole , salsa and pico gallo

FRESH On the Menu

Paula Trancoso

Miss Li’s Dumplings & Baozi

Boxed lunches consisting of jiaozi (dumplings) egg rolls, meat dish, vegetable, fried rice

Sweet & Sour Pork

General Tao’s Chicken

Spicy Cabbage

Potatoes & Pepper


Steamed Buns

Egg Rolls