Meet Our Vendors

From locally raised meat, eggs, fresh baked breads, sweets, jams & jellies, the freshest seasonal produce, to a wide assortment of arts and craft goods, the year-round Twin City Market is sure to provide something for everyone. Please take a few minutes to browse our vendors. There are many vendors who are here year-round, along with seasonal and guest vendors each week.

Gift Certificates are available year-round which are good at any of the vendors in the Market.

Megli Family

Seasonal vendor  that brings Strawberries & Asparagus and other produce when avaiable.

Miss Li’s Dumplings & Baozi

Boxed lunches consisting of jiaozi (dumplings) egg rolls, meat dish, vegetable, fried rice

Sweet & Sour Pork

General Tao's Chicken

Spicy Cabbage

Potatoes & Pepper


Steamed Buns

Egg Rolls

Molly’s Munchies

For your four-legged friends!

All-natural dog treats made with healthy ingredients and contain no preservatives. Bacon bones, cheese chews, peanut butter bones, snickerpoodles.